This Retainer Agreement confirms the terms of our service.  You are bound by this Agreement when you hire our services:


Law Office – Law Offices of Deron Smallcomb and Supervising Attorney Deron Smallcomb.
Client – The United States Citizen Petitioner that retained our services.
Beneficiary – The Foreign Citizen that is either engaged or married to the Petitioner.
USCIS - United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.
NVC – National Visa Center / US Department of State
US Embassy – United States Embassy in the Alien fiancée’s country of residence that grants the
final approval of the immigration benefit sought.
K1 Visa – The governments name for a fiancé(e) visa, for couples that intend to marry in the USA.
CR1 Visa – The governments name for an immigrant visa based on marriage
Welcome Email – The email that the Law Office sends the Client upon signup / retaining us. It
will include the exact forms we will prepare, the username and password for our secure
information gathering website, and the informational guide and checklist for the immigration
benefit sought.


Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions

1. Selection of Attorney
You as the Client have retained the Law Office to represent you and your fiancé or spouse
(hereinafter referred to as Beneficiary) in an immigration matter.

2. Legal Fees
The costs of our services are listed on our websites and are confirmed by either purchase online or
in the Welcome Email. If a payment plan was agreed upon, the entire legal fee is due before we file
any paperwork with USCIS.

3. Related Costs
The Client will be responsible for and separately pay all applicable fees associated with the process,
including but not limited to: USCIS filing fee, NVC fee, medical examination fee, document
translation fee, and/or the US Embassy issuance fee.

4. Duties

Preparation of Government Forms:
The Law Office will prepare all required government forms in an accurate manner based upon the
information and documents that the Client and Beneficiary provide. That said, we are changing the focus of our business and all information must be provided to our law office within 30 days or services cannot be rendered. The exact forms we will prepare are based on the nature of the immigration matter that you hired us for and are specifically listed in the Welcome Email.

The completed forms will be sent to the Petitioner for signature electronically.

Supporting Document Collection:
The Law Office will provide the Petitioner with a list of all necessary supporting documents for the
preparation and filing of your immigration forms. Client must provide the documents requested to
the Law Office. The information must be provided within 30 days or services cannot be rendered.

Filing with USICS and NVC
Once the immigration forms are signed and returned to the Law Office by the Client and
Beneficiary, along with the supporting documents, the Law Office will file the completed petition
with USCIS. Not applicable to ‘K1 Basic’ Clients.

Contact with USICS and NVC
The Law Office reserves the right to handle all telephone, mail, and fax contact with USCIS. In rare
circumstances, the Law Office may ask the Client to voluntarily contact the US Embassy to aid our
office’s efforts to expedite the case or have it approved.

Contact with the US Embassy
The Law Office reserves the right to handle all telephone, mail, and fax contact with the US
Embassy. The Client or Beneficiary however is responsible for setting the interview appointment at
the US Embassy and bringing to the interview all Law Office prepared forms and required
supporting documentation. In rare circumstances, the Law Office may ask the Client to voluntarily
contact the US Embassy to aid our office’s efforts to expedite the case or have it approved.

5. Attorney / Client Relationship
Upon hire, there exists an attorney to client confidentiality relationship. This relationship requires
that we not disclose client confidences without your permission. All of your communications with
our offices will be treated in confidence. This privilege exists to encourage candid and complete
communications between the Client and the Law Office.

As such, the Client agrees to inform, and keep the Law Office aware, of all information, even if
negative or adverse to the Client, that might be relevant to legal representation in this matter.
Failure to fully disclose all relevant information to may be grounds for cancellation of
representation, at the discretion of the Law Office.

Client acknowledges that Deron Smallcomb is the supervising attorney for the Law Office but that
your primary contact and caseworker is not an attorney. If legal advice is required at any point
during the process, Client should ask to speak with Deron Smallcomb directly.

We expect that all information given by the Client and Beneficiary to the Law Office, either orally or
in writing will be accurate to the best of your knowledge. If the Law Office discovers that any
information the Client or Beneficiary supplies us is willfully inaccurate or false, the Law Office is
ethically bound to immediately withdraw from representation as required by law.

6. Limits of Engagement
Client agrees that the legal services to be provided under this Agreement are limited to the matter
described in the Welcome Email. Upon completion of that matter or upon earlier termination of the
relationship as provided herein, the attorney-client relationship shall end unless the Client and the
Law Office have expressly agreed to a continuation with respect to other matters and a separate
written agreement concerning those other matters has been entered into by the parties.

7. Money Back Guarantee / Refund Policy
We will refund your service fee if your USCIS Petition is denied. Our Guarantee does not apply to
the 'K1 Visa Basic' $195 Package or to the following limited circumstances:
• The Client or Beneficiary provides us with a material misrepresentation or fraudulent
• The Client and Beneficiary have not met personally within the past two years,
• The Client and Beneficiary don't have a genuine bona fide and committed relationship as
determined by the US Embassy,
• The Client or Beneficiary have been involved in prior immigration proceedings,
• The Client or Beneficiary fails to answer the interviewer’s questions,
• The Client or Beneficiary have prior convictions,
• The Client’s income does not exceed the required poverty guidelines and in countries other
than Philippines, cannot secure a qualified co-sponsor for the application; or
• The Client or Beneficiary doesn't provide supporting documentation or requested
information necessary to complete the application.

The Money Back Guarantee / Refund Policy DOES NOT APPLY to any circumstances where the
Client or Beneficiary break up, had a change or heart, decided not to proceed, or anything relating
to elective termination of the Agreement after retaining the Law Office.

8. Website Information for Advertisement Purposes
The materials on the Law Office’s websites have been prepared to permit visitors to our web site to
learn more about the services we offer. These materials do not, and are not intended to, constitute
legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. Neither transmission nor receipt of such
materials will create an attorney-client relationship between the sender and receiver.

9. Free Consultation
Our Free Consultation is intended only to prequalify a potential Client for our services. The staff at
the Law Office do not offer legal advice, as they are typically not attorneys. As such, you should not
act or rely on any information provided in the Free Consultation. Only existing paying Clients have
access to the supervising attorney for legal advice.

10. Case Acceptance by the Law Office
As many Clients purchase online on our web site before we can qualify them, we are not bound to
perform any services unless we choose to accept your case. If we choose to not accept you as a
client, we will refund your fees. If we choose to perform services, you are bound by this Agreement.

11. Limitation of Liability
At no time and under no circumstances arising from the obligations under this Agreement, or
otherwise related, will the Law Office, its employees or agents, and/or Deron Smallcomb be liable,
financially or otherwise, for more than the Legal Fee paid by that particular client. The jurisdiction
governing any dispute is the State of California.